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Research projects

Current research projects

2023-2024: Risk-averse stochastic lot-sizing
Funding:  Labex Mathématiques Hadamard

2023-2026: Optimal production and distribution planning for a green hydrogen industry 
Funding : Lhyfe

2023-2024: Optimal design of an electric vehicle sharing system
Funding:  Labex Mathématiques Hadamard and United Arab Emirates University

Completed research projects

2019-2022: Optimal design of local multi-energy systems
Funding : EDF R&D 

2017-2022: Energy-efficient production planning: models and algorithms
Funding: Gaspard Monge program for Optimization and Operations Research (PGMO) and

2019: Short-term scheduling of electric microgrids under uncertainty
Funding : Région Ile de France - DIM RFSI program 

2017-2019: Location of recharging stations for electric vehicles under uncertainty
Funding: United Arab Emirates University (UEAU)

2015-2019: Stochastic remanufacturing planning
Stochastic programming approaches for planning remanufacturing activities under uncertain demand and returns forecasts
Funding: Gaspard Monge program for Optimization and Operations Research (PGMO) and Labex Mathématiques Hadamard

2015-2016: ABC2
Lot-sizing under energy and environmental constraints
Funding: Région Lorraine 

2012-2015: SPACE
Stochastic programming approaches for call center shift scheduling
Funding: Digiteo

2011-2014: LotRelax
Strong semidefinite and linear relaxations for lot-sizing problems
Funding: ANR research program for young researchers

2008-2012: CAPSCHED
Competitive advantage for process intensive industries by scheduling with heuristic enhanced simulation and optimization
Funding: European research program for SME

Last edited: 20/08/2023